Let's talk about mental health

Let’s talk about mental health

Our mental health fluctuates as our life changes. We all have times when we feel down, stressed, or angry, and most times these feelings...

7 reasons why we get stressed during our PhD

PhD students have a 2.43 times higher risk of developing a psychiatric disorder than the rest of the highly educated population. Females and gender-nonconforming...


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Nanotechnology in Cancer 2019: A Participant’s View

99 participants from 25 countries attended the EACR Conference on Nanotechnology in Cancer: Engineering for Oncology, at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK from 12-14 September 2019. It was the first Nanotechnology meeting to be a...
Lorena Martin Morales

Lorena Martin Morales – EACR Travel Fellowship

EACR Travel Fellowships are co-sponsored by Worldwide Cancer Research and provide funds up to €3,000 to early-career cancer researchers. For more information on how to apply for Travel Fellowships, you can visit the EACR website. Name:...

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