Downloadable poster guide: Mental Health During Your PhD

Download and print this poster guide for your lab

A few months ago a tweet by Dr Zoë Ayres (@ZJAyres) went viral, with thousands of retweets and comments. It was an image of her poster for the Royal Society of Chemistry’s twitter poster conference, #RSCPoster.

But her poster wasn’t about her science: it was about mental health during your PhD, after a study by the University of California, Berkeley, found nearly half of postgraduate students met criteria to classify them as depressed. The poster struck a chord with many researchers, with its clear layout and helpful tips. It’s also a topic that has not always been widely talked about in academia, and its significance is starting to become more apparent. She later tweeted “I am not a medical professional – there are lots of good resources out there other than my poster! I did not anticipate this reaching the scale it has (though pleased we are talking about it)!”

See the poster

Zoë made the poster free for everyone to access, and you can view and download it using the links below. Why not print a copy for your lab?

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Mental health poster Zoe Ayres”]

Download the poster

The Analytical Science Network are kindly hosting download links for the PDF of the poster, with a blank space for you to enter the suicide hotline number or mental health support information for your country. Find it here:

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