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“As a cancer research community we can make a difference in patients’ lives”: President’s...

A letter from Professor Alberto Bardelli, President of the European Association for Cancer Research Dear EACR members, I took up Presidency of the European Association for...

A few ways to reduce plastic waste in the lab

by Irina Pavlenko I am a molecular biologist and work in a big regional pathology lab with more than 1500 tests performed each month. These include...


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The long road to animal studies

by Lydia Dyck Animal work is a big part of cancer research. Many researchers are using animal models to figure out how cancer develops and how to cure it. But before doing any kind of...

“Sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have a key for the figure in your mind”: a...

by Venu Thatikonda I generate a number of beautiful figures in a day and look at them like a mother looks at her newborn baby. Every day at 9am, I enter the lab without wearing an...

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