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The EACR is launching a programme of virtual events to bring researchers together. We'd like to thank all of the EACR Ambassadors who volunteered...

Research on hold? Seek new shores and revisit old ones

The cancer research community is reacting and adapting to the restrictions placed on us by the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve asked EACR members to contribute articles...


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Elisa Heyrman

A Belgian PhD Student’s London Lockdown

Over three months ago, I left the lab and my home became my new work environment. In our shared house, our rooms became offices and my "colleagues" in the building have different jobs than...

An interview with a computational engineer during the lockdown in Barcelona

Martina Gasull (Biomedical Genomics Lab, IRB Barcelona) writes a scientific communication blog in Catalan and Spanish, and in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown she interviewed her colleague Francisco Martínez-Jiménez, a Computational Engineer....

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