Beshara Sheehan

A Day in the Life: “The overall goal: helping patients survive”

Wet lab scientist Beshara Sheehan explains the work she does with prostate cancer biomarkers, and the activities she takes part in to help keep...
Jennifer Ose

A Day in the Life: “I am part of an orchestra of scientists”

Based in the United States, Jennifer Ose talks about balancing a busy life as a cancer epidemiologist, an assistant professor and a parent every...


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Lorena Martin Morales

Lorena Martin Morales – EACR Travel Fellowship

EACR Travel Fellowships are co-sponsored by Worldwide Cancer Research and provide funds up to €3,000 to early-career cancer researchers. For more information on how to apply for Travel Fellowships, you can visit the EACR website. Name:...
Cancer Genomics

Cancer Genomics 2019: A Participant’s View

250 participants from 41 countries met at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK from 23-26 June 2019 for the 4th EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics. The conference earned a 99% satisfaction rating for networking and interaction opportunities....

European Association for Cancer Research

The Cancer Researcher is an online magazine for the cancer research community from the European Association for Cancer Research.


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