‘Science in Motion: Navigating Transitions’ – Winner of the 2023 EACR Science Communication Prize

This summer, we invited cancer researchers at all levels to write a blog post for the third EACR Science Communication Prize around the theme...

Highlights in Cancer Research: August 2023

The EACR's 'Highlights in Cancer Research' is a regular summary of the most interesting and impactful recent papers in cancer research, curated by the...


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“New collaborations, new skills, and cutting-edge research”: Petra Jagušt’s EACR Travel Fellowship

Petra Jagušt is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences in Ireland who received an EACR Travel Fellowship to visit and work at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre...

“It inspired me to keep pushing forward in my research”: Carlota Pagès Geli’s EACR...

Carlota Pagès Geli is a PhD student at VHIO, Spain who received an EACR Travel Fellowship to visit and work at the Whitehead Institute at Boston, Cambridge in the US between September and December...

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