Wilhelm Krek

In memoriam: Wilhelm Krek

We are sad to report that EACR member Willy Krek has died on 29 August at the age of 56, after a long illness. Krek...

News Summary: Elephant zombie gene, Thalidomide mechanism revealed

'Zombie gene' protects elephants from cancer A newly described gene that was resurrected in elephants 59 million years ago, LIF6, may take part in protecting...
WCRD Interactive Cancer Risk Matrix

Interactive Cancer Risk Matrix: a masterclass in effective data presentation

The study of what causes and prevents cancer can be a complex minefield of conflicting research, interpretation and opinion. There are countless lifestyle and...
research ethics

News Summary: ethical reporting of research, indexing preprints, rare cancers

Does a 'publish or perish' ethos affect the ethical reporting of research? Several publications in recent years have suggested that published scientific findings can be...

EACR25 Congress Abstracts now online

The EACR25 Congress is over. We welcomed 1781 participants to Amsterdam for 4 days of fantastic lectures, scientific posters and discussion on the very...
Leukemia Inhibitory Factor conference 2018

“LIF As We Know It”: a new conference on Leukemia Inhibitory Factor

There are few things more exciting than being the very first to do something. So we were delighted to organise the first international meeting on...
CRUK Grand Challenge 2018

3 EACR members shortlisted for CRUK Grand Challenge

Eight new Grand Challenges were set and multidisciplinary teams from across the world were invited to suggest bold, novel approaches to tackle them. After receiving 134 applications from...
Sjoberg Prize - Survival Rate Graphic

Sjöberg Prize Winners 2018

What is the Sjöberg Prize? Based on a donation from the late businessman Bengt Sjöberg, the Sjöberg Prize is awarded annually to researchers who have...
scooped research

‘Scooped’ research welcome at PLOS Biology

Have you ever been ready to publish your exciting, potentially groundbreaking new piece of research based on many months of hard work - only...

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