Why your research tools matter: the EACR’s partnership with CancerTools.org

How your antibodies, cell lines and organoids could go round the world

The EACR is pleased to announce our partnership with CancerTools.org, a non-profit initiative led by Cancer Research UK.
We asked the CancerTools.org team to tell us a little more about the project and why it’s important for cancer researchers to make full use of their physical research materials.


CancerTools.org is a non-profit, global community of cancer researchers, academic institutes, and societies, with a shared mission, to accelerate cancer research. In this collaborative, researchers contribute research tools and share knowledge to deepen our understanding of cancer, and drive innovation within cancer research. This initiative led by Cancer Research UK is the home for your cancer research tools, where physical tangible research materials such as antibodies, cell lines, organoids and other state of the art technologies to support cancer research can become easily accessibly within one centralised location.

Community and Collaboration

Central to the initiative is the value placed in community. The CancerTools.org community is one grounded in collaboration. By cultivating a cooperative space where cancer knowledge, expertise and research tools can be continuously contributed and accessed, the resource is here to help you and like-minded cancer scientists to advance cancer research globally.

Research tools form both a critical and valuable part of cancer research.

CancerTools.org and the EACR

What unites us in the oncology space is this shared mission to accelerate cancer research. This has led to the partnership between the EACR and CancerTools.org. As a professional membership organisation for cancer researchers, the EACR shares a goal with CancerTools.org in its mission for “the advancement of cancer research for the public benefit: from basic research to prevention, treatment and care.” By joining the CancerTools.org community, the EACR invites you to contribute and access a rich portfolio of unique tools, foster collaboration with like-minded researchers and advance discoveries both within your lab and globally, all whilst funding future cancer research.

Why your research tools matter

Research tools form both a critical and valuable part of cancer research. These materials and methods are fundamental, without them, the ways in which we have come to understand cancer and the pioneering work made in prevention, diagnosis and treatment, would not be possible.

For scientists to be able to continually make progressions in the field, accessibility to the very best research tools is crucial. Thousands of research tools already exist alongside cancer scientists in their laboratories worldwide. The issue we face is how do we gain access to these invaluable materials?

The issue we face is how do we gain access to these invaluable materials?

The process of sharing research tools is not unfamiliar. In fact, the very act itself is fundamental in the peer review process to confirm results and prevent ‘reinventing the wheel.’ Developments within oncology thus largely progress through the readiness and contributions from the cancer research community. Built by and for cancer researchers, CancerTools.org reflects these values and exists entirely to support and enrich cancer research globally. To ensure that cancer researchers have access to a diverse range of research tools they need to be best supported in their endeavours to innovate, the contribution of research tools is critical.

To date, researchers from 175 academic institutes worldwide have already contributed their research tools to CancerTools.org. Why hold back? Join your colleagues globally in our shared mission to advance cancer research. The EACR’s partnership with CancerTools.org kickstarts this global impact – uncover how you continue it here: www.cancertools.org/contribute.

Thank you to CancerTools.org for that useful introduction.

Here’s what Jane Smith, CEO of the EACR, had to say: “By partnering with CancerTools.org, we will create new opportunities for our members by promoting the concept of contributing research tools to advance cancer research. This is an exciting opportunity to combine the forces of Cancer Research UK-led CancerTools.org and the EACR to expand the portfolio of research tools and make them quickly and easily accessible to cancer scientists worldwide”.

Are you interested in learning more, and submitting your research tools? Just follow the link above.