VIDEO: Nitzan Rosenfeld gives the Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award Lecture

At the EACR Virtual Congress in June Dr. Nitzan Rosenfeld gave his keynote lecture as the winner of the 2020 Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award.

What is the award?

The Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award celebrates academic excellence and achievements in the field of cancer research. It is presented to a researcher of excellence with no more than 15 years post-doctoral experience (or equivalent degree), with at least five years spent in Europe, and the winner receives a €10,000 honorarium.

In normal circumstances, the award is presented at the annual EACR Congress and the recipient gives an Award Lecture. However, due to the postponement of the physical event the Award Lecture was presented at the EACR Virtual Congress. You can view Nitzan Rosenfeld’s talk, “Circulating tumour DNA: An increasingly powerful diagnostic tool for oncology”, below.

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About Dr. Rosenfeld

Nitzan RosenfeldDr. Nitzan Rosenfeld is a recognised expert in liquid biopsy and translational cancer research. He initially studied Physics, followed by training in Systems Biology, obtaining a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Moving into biotech, Dr. Rosenfeld led a Computational Biology team developing molecular diagnostic tests for oncology.

Dr. Rosenfeld’s work is funded by Cancer Research UK, ERC and others. He has been recognised by distinguished awards from CRUK and BACR, the Foulkes Foundation Medal, and the Meyenburg Cancer Research Award. He has also trained and mentored scientists that now lead translational research projects across academia and industry.

About the Pezcoller Foundation

The Pezcoller Foundation is a non-profit institution, whose goal is to promote scientific research against diseases which afflict mankind, specifically the fight against cancer. The Founder, Prof. Alessio Pezcoller, was Chief Surgeon at Santa Chiara Hospital in Trento, Italy. The Foundation was established in 1980.

he Foundation collaborates with some of the most important cancer institutions: the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR). The Pezcoller Awards are officially recognised during the international conferences of the two above mentioned associations.

If you would like to read more about the Award, Dr. Rosenfeld and The Pezcoller Foundation, visit the dedicated page on the EACR website.