The Freezer Challenge is a program coordinated by the non-profit organizations My Green Lab and the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. Designed to encourage labs to recognize the benefits of good cold storage management, Freezer Challenge participants have already saved over 9.9 million kWh since 2017.

The benefits of good cold storage management include:

  • Removal of unneeded, unwanted, or non-viable samples from refrigeration units
  • Reduced costs associated with maintaining refrigeration units.
  • Improved researcher access to laboratory samples and reagents.
  • Development of ongoing cold storage management practices that support energy efficiency and maximize space utility.

As long as your lab uses ultra-ultra low temperature freezers (-150C), ultra-low temperature freezers (-70 C to -80C), lab freezers (-40C to -20C), refrigerators, or cold rooms, points can be earned in the following ways:

The Freezer Challenge runs from 01 January 2021 until 01 July 2021. To find out more, vist the Freezer Challenge website.