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A series of (un) planned events

by Joanne Tiphania Kotelawala A bright new morn Don’t start the day with a yawn There we stand fuelled by coffee And hoping to work on that coat...
Life or Sci Bethan Rogoyski

“Life of Sci”

by Bethan Rogoyski The book Life of Pi describes the odyssey of a young man and his tiger trying to get home after capsizing at sea....
The Art of Besting Cancer

Where art meets science: ‘The Art of Besting Cancer’ exhibition

There is a quote attributed to Leonardo da Vinci: “Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses – especially...

Science Poetry: Awaiting SDS-PAGE

In a tenebrous lab with fluorescing glass slides, I rest my rough head among cultured cell lines. I wait and I wait, while the plume-like projection Gently...

From rock bottom to peak performance: the PhD journey

By Bethan Rogoyski First year You’ve made it. You can finally tell people with pride that you’re a student, a PhD student no less. The impressed reaction...
EACR Image of the Month winners

EACR Image of the Month

We love celebrating the work of EACR members and during a visit to the Barts Cancer Institute in London, one of our members mentioned...

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