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World Cancer Research Day 2021

Why is World Cancer Research Day Important? The world needs to recognise, support and promote research on the causes, prevention and early detection of cancer...
Nareg Pınarbaşı

A harmonious lab: The reward of all

On Christmas 2007, I asked Santa for a microscope set. For a young girl in kindergarten, the wish seemed absurd. But Santa -my mom-, granted...
Vincenzo Costanzo

New EACR Board member: Vincenzo Costanzo

We are very pleased to welcome four new members to the EACR Board: Arkaitz Carracedo, Vincenzo Costanzo, Ruth Palmer and Andreas Trumpp, who were elected...

Where did ten years take these researchers in their careers?

The summer of 2008 was exciting for many reasons – Usain Bolt smashed world records at the Beijing Olympics; the Spanish football team were...
EACR 50th Anniversary

Why You Matter: an Open Letter

50 years ago, in 1968, the European Association for Cancer Research was founded by a group of scientists who wanted to enable communication among...

Who are we?

The Cancer Researcher is an online magazine for the cancer research community from the European Association for Cancer Research.


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