Seed and Soil 2019: “An amazing meeting with high quality speakers”

Seed and Soil 2019Participants from 36 countries from as far as Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and South Korea gathered in Berlin, Germany for the 2nd joint EACR-MRS Conference on Seed and Soil: Mechanisms of Metastasis on 7-9 October 2019.

As is the case with the vast majority of EACR Conferences, 100% of participants said they would recommend the meeting to others in the post-conference feedback survey. Meanwhile, 98.6% of participants rated the quality of the scientific content as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

Feedback from participants:

Seed and Soil 2019
Andreas Trumpp during his Meet the Expert session “Twenty Years of Running a Research Group and Thirty Years as a Scientist”

Much of the feedback focussed on the quality of the Discussion Forum, “To EMT or not to EMT, or anything in between?”. It was chaired by Jonathan Sleeman, with the panel consisting of Cedric Blanpain, Patricia Steeg and Julio Aguirre-Ghiso. It proved to be a highly popular session, with younger early-career participants able to interact and exchange ideas with senior researchers. Similarly, Andreas Trumpp’s “Meet the Expert” session was well received amongst those who were in the earlier stages of their careers.

“The topics of the conference were interesting and well discussed by very qualified speakers. Moreover, it was well organized, with precious time dedicated to networking.”

“It was the perfect size conference to get updated in the field and still have a chance to properly interact with the other attendants. Great speakers. Well organised. It’s highly recommended.”

“It was an amazing meeting with high quality speakers”

“The conference was perfectly organized. Invited experts had excellent talks. There was a place for meetings, disscussions, updates in the field and confronting our own observations with other researchers’ work.”

“It was a well organized, inspring event with top speakers and scientific contributions. The topics ranged from basic to translational research. All speakers and presentators were open for discussion.”

Meeting Bursary Awards:

We were very pleased to award six EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Bursary Awards to aid students or early-career members in attending this conference. Our congratulations to:

  • Emma Nolan UK
  • Angela Araujo Spain
  • Patrik Aouad Switzerland
  • Sahar Israeli Dangoor Israel
  • Tom Harrijvan Netherlands
Seed and Soil 2019
Andreas Trumpp (far left) & Janine Erler (far right) with the EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Meeting Bursary winners (L to R): Tom Harrijvan, Sahar Israeli Dangoor, Patrik Aouad, Emma Nolan & Angela Araujo

We would like to extend our gratitude to Worldwide Cancer Research for contributing to the bursaries to allow early-career researchers to attend.

The Metastasis Research Foundation also awarded Meeting Bursary Awards to five of their student or early-career members to attend the meeting. Congratulations to:

  • Julie Di Martino USA
  • Kristina Marinak Whately USA
  • Cassie Clarke UK
  • Kendelle Murphy Australia
  • Dieuwke Marvin Netherlands
Seed and Soil 2019
Andreas Trumpp (far left) & Janine Erler (far right) with the Metastasis Research Foundation Meeting Bursary winners (L to R): Dieuwke Marvin, Kendelle Murphy, Julie Di Martino, Kristina Marinak Whately & Cassie Clarke

Poster Prize Winners:

Furthermore, we are delighted to pass on our congratulations to the two EACR and two MRS Poster Prize winners. These prizes were awarded based on the scientific content and layout of the posters, as well as their verbal discussion with the poster judges.

Seed and Soil 2019
Andreas Trumpp & Janine Erler with the EACR & MRS Poster Prize winners (L to R): Niklas Krebs, Julie Di Martino, Angela Araujo & Kristina Marinak Whately
EACR Poster Prize Winners:
  • Niklas Krebs Germany
  • Julie Di Martino USA
MRS Poster Prize Winners:
  • Angela Araujo Spain
  • Kristina Marinak Whately USA


Like every EACR Conference, we created a conference hashtag for people to use on social media in order to promote discussion, collaboration and interaction. For Seed and Soil 2019, the hashtag used was #SASMetastasis19. Here are some of your contributions:

Facebook gallery:

A gallery of images from Seed and Soil 2019 is available on the offical EACR Facebook page and can be found here.

Seed and Soil 2019
Poster Presentation Session


The Scientific Programme Committee consisted of:

  • Janine Erler (co-Chair)
  • Andreas Trumpp (co-Chair)
  • Sarah-Maria Fendt
  • Jonathan Sleeman