Poster Selfies with Style

What does your poster selfie say about you?

A lot of hard work and dedication goes into designing and presenting a poster at a scientific conference so it’s natural to want to capture the moment with a photo.

Candid photos taken by a conference photographer can look great but nothing shows the pride of a poster presenter more than a well-captured poster selfie.

What’s your poster selfie style?

1The smiler

Roy van der Meel

Roy van der Meel at the EACR Conference Making it Personal 2017

The pure joy of presenting a poster takes over and your happiness can be seen through a broad smile.

2The professional

Alper Erdogan

Alper Erdogan at ESMO 2017 in partnership with the EACR

Taking poster-presenting seriously and showing off your whole poster.

3The institute promoter

Somaieh Hedayat

Somaieh Hedayat at the EACR Conference Making it Personal 2017

Yes the content of your poster is important, but why not use your poster selfie to thank the institute and supporters who have helped your research by highlighting their logos.

4The sharer

Hisham Bahmad

Wassim Abou-Kheir (left) and Hisham Bahmad at the EACR25 Congress

Research is a team effort so why not share your poster selfie with the colleagues and friends who have contributed.

5The atmospheric one

Martin Gallardo

Martin Gallardo at ESMO 2017 in partnership with the EACR

Conference hall lighting can be extreme and create an atmospheric photo highlighting parts of your poster.

6The bursary winner

Sarah Best

Sarah Best at the EACR25 Congress

The EACR offers bursaries for all of our meetings to help fund young researchers to attend. We love seeing photos of bursary winners making the most of their experiences at these conferences

Develop your own poster selfie style!

  1. Look happy and show enthusiasm for your poster
  2. Stand out from the crowd with an entertaining pose, prop or framing
  3. Share your selfies on social media using the conference hashtag to attract visitors to your poster

We look forward to seeing your poster selfies at future EACR events. Tag us @EACRnews on Twitter and @helloeacr on Instagram.

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All of the selfies above were sent to us by EACR members, with their permission to use them. They are copyright of the original subjects.