At the Early Career Researchers’ Conference 2023, we enjoyed a brilliant programme of diverse sessions from a range of experts, including Christian Frezza from CECAD Cologne who delivered a thought-provoking talk on the topic of mindfulness.

Prof. Dr. Frezza based the session on an article he’d written during the pandemic about how a more mindful approach to science can help scientists to handle negative and positive emotions better.

“The life of a scientist is subject to an emotional rollercoaster, from the highs of an accepted paper or grant to the lows of a rejection or a failed experiment,” he says, “Yet, while we devote years to training and learning the ropes of the profession, we spend very little time learning how to react and cope with these emotions.”

In the session, Prof. Dr. Frezza shares the difference between mindfulness and meditation, how these tools can help train ourselves to be more compassionate and resilient human beings, and how our default mode of ‘distraction’ can often lead to procrastination.

Click below to watch the full video:

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