In memoriam: Wilhelm Krek

Wilhelm Krek
Credit: Giulia Marthaler / ETH Zurich

We are sad to report that EACR member Willy Krek has died on 29 August at the age of 56, after a long illness. Krek was a professor of biology at ETH Zurich.

“Krek’s research focused on an understanding of the molecular signalling pathways that influence the growth of tumour cells. It was in this field that he wrote highly acclaimed and, at times, ground-breaking studies on the influence of oxygen deficiency (hypoxia) and fructose metabolism. The direct relationship between basic research and medical applications was central to his research and teaching. His research led to numerous scientific publications, formed the basis for the development of new drugs and was the starting point for the foundation of several start-up companies.”

Read the full memorial article on the ETH Zurich website