“High quality selection of speakers who represent the cutting edge of the field” – A review of Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer 2021

The EACR-OECI Joint Virtual Conference: Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer was a long time in the making, having been originally planned to take place in Lisbon in May 2020. But it was worth the wait! Our 8th meeting on the topic of Molecular Pathology saw research breakthroughs discussed by some of the best researchers in the field.

At the speakers’ discretion, recorded talks have been made available to watch back by attendees. For a taste of what you may have missed, EACR members can view Leeat Keren’s talk ‘Love thy neighbor – Unraveling organizational patterns in the tumor immune microenvironment by multiplexed imaging’ in our video archive. Check out our YouTube Channel for other conference talks.

“Diversity of abstracts, knowledge, and world-leading mentors in cancer research”

Following the trend of our previous virtual conferences, Liquid Biopsies and Defence is the Best Attack, Molecular Pathology proved to be very popular amongst participants. 96% of respondents to our post-conference survey said that they would recommend EACR virtual conferences to a colleague based on their experience at this event. The scientific content of our conferences continues to remain high, with over 93% of participants rating the overall quality of the scientific content of the conference either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.

The high quality of the scientific programme and speakers received praise, as did the ample networking opportunities provided through the Discussion Forum at the end of Day 2 and the ever-popular Virtual Poster Discussion Session on Gather. Below are some of the nice things participants had to say following the event:

“It was different from other kinds of medical conferences in the way that it gives a global approach to cancer by combining molecular biology, pathology, AI as well as oncologic research. In addition, it brings researchers from all around the world together giving the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge.”

“I think it was a great opportunity to increase our network, collaborations and to keep us up-to-date. Virtual conferences from EACR allows us the closest experience to [in-person] conferences.”

“EACR conference on Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer was very interesting and informative. It was organized on a high level and speakers discussed hot topics in their field of research. Although totally virtual, the meeting became a place to bring together researchers with a common interest in pathology and it was really great!”

“As a pathologist and PhD student, attending this conference allowed me to catch up with what is happening in the molecular pathology field, see what the hot topics are and get new ideas for my research. Specifically, I loved all the conferences related to AI and deep learning and their uses in pathology.”

 “I thought that the hosts for each session were very open and inclusive about inviting questions and allowing others the opportunities to ask questions.”

“The poster session was excellent via Gather

Gather remains a highlight of EACR virtual conferences in 2021 as we used it again for this virtual poster discussion session. We will be using Gather in new ways at upcoming EACR conferences from June 2021. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned. The EACR prides itself on the networking opportunities it provides, and Gather has allowed us to bridge the gap between in-person and virtual events with relative ease.

Gather is a fun tool that allows you to walk around a retro 2D ‘Poster Hall’ and video chat or message with poster presenters and other participants. You can personalise your avatar to look more like you, search for other participants by name, and even gather in groups for an informal chat.


To aid interactivity between participants on social media, we used a conference hashtag to keep the discussion all in one place. Here are some highlights as seen on Twitter using the EACR Hashtag:

Future Virtual Events

In the coming months, we have a range of topics being discussed at more virtual conferences including Bioinformatics in Cancer and our joint conference with the ESOI on Imaging Cancer. In addition to these conferences and our regular Webinars, we also have our biggest event of the year approaching, the EACR 2021 Virtual Congress. To find out more, please visit the EACR Conferences page of our website.