Goodbye Flat Biology 2019: “Walking out of Goodbye Flat Biology I felt motivated and inspired”

Goodbye Flat Biology 2019

178 participants from 29 countries met at Harnack House in Berlin, Germany for the 4th EACR Goodbye Flat Biology Conference – Advancing 3D-based Models for Cancer Biology and Drug Discovery on 10-13 November 2019.

As usual with EACR Conferences, over 93% of participants rated the quality of the scientific content as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ in the post-conference feedback survey. Similarly, 99% of participants would recommend the conference to others.

Participant feedback:

The conference debate, “Smart 2D will be the new 3D” between Sara Wickström (for) and Senthil Muthuswamy (against), proved to be a highly popular event. Similarly, the Icebreaker Introductions and the Technologies Forum were well received as it enabled early-career participants to interact with speakers and senior researchers in a relaxed environment.

Goodbye Flat Biology 2019
The conference debate between Sara Wickström (R) (for) and Senthil Muthuswamy (L) (against)

“The debate was a nice way of making the meeting inclusive. Everyone was encouraged to participate and made people reassess their approach to their particular science questions. The meeting was the correct size and not too big.”

“Excellent science in a friendly and energetic environment.”

“This was a very good conference, the best one I have been to this year! Extremely interesting talks and very good networking possibilities!”

“Goodbye Flat Biology is an outstanding conference with high quality speakers and interactions. The leadership team did an excellent job ensuring that all researchers felt included in the conversations.”

“It is a must go for every researcher working with advanced 3D culture models”

Meeting Bursary Awards:

We were delighted to award EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Bursary Awards to aid students or early-career members in attending Goodbye Flat Biology 2019. Our congratulations to:

  • Kendelle Murphy Australia
  • Tariq Haddad Netherlands
  • Konstantina Nikolatou UK
  • Valentina Carannante Sweden
  • Sara Rocha Portugal
  • Jessy van Asperen Netherlands
Goodbye Flat Biology 2019
Recipients of the EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Meeting Bursaries with the Scientific Programme Committee (left to right): Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling, Neil Carragher, Tariq Haddad, Kendelle Murphy, Konstantina Nikolatou, Jessy van Asperen, Valentina Carannante, Peter Friedl, Valerie Weaver

We would like to extend our gratitude to Worldwide Cancer Research for contributing to the bursaries to allow early-career researchers to attend.

Poster Prizes:

Moreover, we were also very pleased to pass on our congratulations to four EACR Poster Prize winners. These prizes were awarded based on the scientific content and layout of the posters, as well as their verbal discussion with the poster judges.

Our congratulations go to:

  • Jessy van Asperen Netherlands
  • Valentina Carannante Sweden
  • Pablo Conesa-Zamora Spain
  • Erik Noetzel-Reiss Germany
Goodbye Flat Biology 2019
Winners of the EACR Poster Prizes with the Scientific Programme Committee (left to right): Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling, Neil Carragher, Jessy van Asperen, Valentina Carannante, Pablo Conesa-Zamora, Peter Friedl, Valerie Weaver


Every time there is an EACR Conference, we create a conference hashtag for use on social media to create visibility, discussion and interaction. Goodbye Flat Biology saw the use of the hashtag #GoodbyeFlatBiology19. Here are some of your contributions:

Facebook gallery:

A gallery of images from Goodbye Flat Biology 2019 is available on the official EACR Facebook page and can be found here.

Goodbye Flat Biolgoy 2019
Poster Discussion Session


The Scientific Programme Committee consisted of:

  • Ellen Van Obberghen-Schilling France (Chair)
  • Neil Carragher UK
  • Peter Friedl Netherlands
  • Valerie Weaver USA