The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sjöberg Prize 2020 of one million US dollars to Michael N. Hall (Biozentrum, University of Basel) who is an EACR member, and David M. Sabatini (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Whitehead Institute). The two researchers have radically changed ideas about cell growth, an important factor in the development of cancer. In doing so, they laid the foundation for new forms of cancer treatment.

Above you can watch a video created by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences all about their discovery of mTOR and its role in the control of cell metabolism and growth.

This is the fourth time the Sjöberg Prize has been awarded. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences selects the Laureates and the Prize is financed by the Sjöberg Foundation. It was established after Bengt Sjöberg, a Swedish businessman who had cancer himself, donated two billion Swedish krona to promote scientific research that primarily focuses on cancer, health and the environment.