EACR Meeting Bursary Review: 2017

In 2017 the EACR allocated nearly €30,000, in addition to free conference registrations, to provide Meeting Bursaries to 58 early career members from 26 countries, allowing them to attend 8 meetings, on a variety of topics, across Europe.

1Making it Personal: Cancer Precision Medicine

Making it Personal 2017 Bursary Winners

2nd EACR-OECI Joint Conference, 13 – 16 March 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bursary winners: Şeyma Aydınlık (Turkey) | Irina Babina (UK) | Elena Galvani (UK) | Bakho Dvali (Georgia) | Somaieh Hedayat UK | Tessa Paulien Sandberg (Netherlands) | Roy van der Meel (Canada)

“Not only did I have the chance to discuss my own research with peers during poster sessions, I also had the opportunity to directly approach leading scientists and ask them questions” – Roy van der Meel

2ESMO Symposium on Signalling Pathways in Cancer 2017

ESMO Symposium on Signalling Pathways 2017

In partnership with the EACR, 17 – 18 March 2017, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Bursary winners: Asim Pervaiz (Pakistan) | Heba Alshaker (Jordan) | Emre Can Tüysüz (Turkey) | Matthew Humphries (UK) | Paula Sabbo (Brazil) | Anna Strzeszewska (Poland) | Antje Richter (Germany)

“An inspiring meeting with fantastic people and great talks on cancer pathways that are currently the focus of research attention” – Antje Richter

3Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer

Molecular Pathology 2017 bursary winners

7th EACR-OECI joint training course, 08 – 10 May 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands

EACR-ESMO Bursary winners: Ashenafi Bulle (Belgium) | Emine Ezel Cilek (Turkey) | Selvi Durmus Erim (Turkey) | Patricia Gifu (France) | Zlatko Marusic (Croatia) | Jelena Milovanovic (Serbia) | Isabel Valença (Portugal) | Katarina Zeljic (Serbia)

“This course brought awareness to the importance of current molecular pathology techniques and how these applications improve the therapy response in patients.” – Selvi Durmus Erim

4Cancer Genomics

Cancer Genomics 2017 bursary winners

3rd EACR conference, 25 – 28 June 2017, Cambridge, UK

Bursary winners: Anja Kafka (Croatia) | Rebecca Poulos (Australia) | Camelia Quek (Australia) | Shobha Silva (UK) | Anna Supernat (Poland)

“I really enjoyed meeting the speakers who are not only influential in cancer genomics, but also passionate and professional leaders who engage with the audience in a fashion that encourages maximal understanding and retention.” – Camelia Quek

5ESMO 2017

Alper Erdogan - ESMO 2017 Bursary Winner

In partnership with the EACR, 08 – 12 September 2017, Madrid, Spain

Bursary winners: Ali Memarian (Iran) | Nitin Shivappa (USA) | Fara Brasó-Maristany (UK) | Prahlad Raninga (Australia) | Mariana Seke (Serbia) | Debottam Sinha (Australia) | Hajrah Khawaja (Ireland) | Pinelopi Samara (Greece) | Ivan Zaporozhchenko (Russia) | Rossella Loria (Italy) | Maria Morlan Mairal (UK) | Ece Akhan Guzelcan (Turkey) | Ana Podolski-Renić (Serbia) | Meera Chauhan (UK) | Cristina Amaral (Portugal) | Mümin Alper Erdoğan (Turkey) | Martín Arturo Gallardo (Mexico)

“I would like to say a huge thank you to the EACR and its entire staff that made this trip possible and provided a safe haven of the EACR booth amidst the chaos of the congress.” – Ivan Zaporozhchenko

6Defence is the Best Attack: Immuno-Oncology Breakthroughs

Defence is the Best Attack 2018 bursary winners

09 – 11 October 2017, Barcelona, Spain

Bursary winners: Marina Natoli (UK) | Jorrit De Waele (Belgium) | Eleanor Scott (UK) | Flávia Castro (Portugal)

“Being selected for the Poster Spotlight, this platform offered me the opportunity to informally present my work. I am convinced it allowed me to reach more people than a regular poster would have. Furthermore, after the Poster Spotlight I had a very interesting talk with one of the attendees and we plan to collaborate in the future.” – Jorrit De Waele

7Protecting the Code: Epigenetic Impacts on Genome Stability

Protecting the Code 2017 bursary winners

2nd EACR conference, 29 October – 01 November 2017, Berlin, Germany

EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Bursary winners: Marta Baldascini (Ireland) | Sandra Segura-Bayona (Spain) | Marwa Tantawy (Egypt)

“Aside from an outstanding line-up in terms of invited speakers, it has also been the best meeting I have ever attended in terms of opportunities to network with several scheduled events such as speed networking, round table discussions, meet the expert session, lunches and the conference dinner. ” – Sandra Segura-Bayona

8Seed and Soil: In Vivo Models of Metastasis

Seed and Soil 2017 bursary winners

EACR-MRS conference, 27 – 29 November 2017, Berlin, Germany

EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Bursary winners: Noam Cohen (Israel) | Agnieszka Drzal  (Poland) | Rachel Eyre (UK) | Inês Godet (USA) | Denys Holovanchuk (UK) | Rene Jackstadt (UK) | Katharina Mahal (UK)

“A personal highlight for me was Janine Erler’s “Meet The Expert” session on the final morning of the conference. Janine spoke honestly about her career progression (including both highs and lows!), and gave valuable insights into being a woman in science. The talk was inspirational, particularly as a mother to three young children myself currently trying to work out how to best juggle science with family commitments. ” – Rachel Eyre