Our Annual Member survey was sent in January 2021 and we received 935 responses. We read every single comment and review them in the staff team and with the EACR Board. This report covers some of the statistics that emerged throughout the survey.

A steady strong recommendation rate

For the 6th year in a row, we achieved a recommendation rate over 97%, with a record of 98.8% this year! We wish to thank all members for their support over the years, especially in 2020, which has seen both challenges and exciting developments like our Meet the Expert webinars, or successful focussed virtual events.

“The EACR went the extra mile for its members during the Covid lockdown. It provides excellent learning and networking opportunities to all its members and makes one feel part of the cancer research community. The regular webinars with leaders in the field is inspirational. I truly regret that I have not joined the EACR earlier in my career.” Leonie Harmse, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Who answered the EACR 2021 members survey?


A recent article from Nature highlighted that “although researchers are getting ‘Zoom fatigue’ just like everyone else, they’ve learnt to appreciate virtual science conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic”. We wanted to know YOUR opinion on eventually returning to in-person, real-world scientific conferences, and below are you answers:

You also gave us an important list of topics for future events, whether they are in-person or virtual, and these will be summarised and presented to our Conference Committee to help with future planning. Stay tuned to hear about the next upcoming conferences!

We can see our world has changed and we will be adapting our offer in the future to better fit your needs as cancer researchers.

What could we change to increase the value of your EACR membership?

You’ve given us many great ideas for the future, but here are some actions that we plan to take as soon as we can:

  • We will work to develop a fellowship scheme in partnership with industry
  • We will create a network or mentoring scheme for early career researchers
  • We will continue to offer webinars and virtual events, in addition to the return of in-person conferences.

Winners of the three Congress registrations

As promised, we randomly selected three survey respondents and offered them a free registration at the next EACR Virtual Congress (9-12 June 2021). Congratulations to:

  • Dr Ana Garcia-Casas, Spain
  • Dr Jean-Francois Daisne, Belgium
  • Prof. Sarina Sulong, Malaysia

We look forward to talking to you during our networking opportunities. Learn more

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

What is it? EACR Ambassadors are a group of dedicated EACR members who volunteer their time to help the EACR. We work with our Ambassadors in a wide variety of ways and we greatly value their help in many aspects of EACR activity.

Reward Points: As a ‘thank you’, EACR Ambassadors can earn reward points towards a free registration at our conferences. Click here to learn more about the reward points.

Andrew Binns, our Membership Officer, has already contacted those who expressed interest into becoming an Ambassador. If you haven’t received your email, please get in touch.

We will be in touch

We gave members the option to provide further feedback or discuss their comments further. We have now been in touch with everyone who was keen to hear more. We will be updating our members regularly on developments through our usual channels. But as always, get in touch if you have any constructive feedback on how we can improve our offer to members. We love to hear from you!

The EACR Member Survey is sent every January to all members and feeds the Association strategy for the years to come.