Carlos Caldas is the European Society of Human Genetics Award Laureate for 2021

Long-standing EACR board member Carlos Caldas is to be announced as the European Society of Human Genetics Award Laureate for 2021 at their upcoming conference next week. Previous winners of the award include Wendy Bickmore, Edith Heard, Svante Paabo, Peter Lichter, Sir Mike Stratton, Sir Alec Jeffreys, and Felix Mitelman.

The President of the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) said the award was: “for pioneering functional genomics research that has contributed enormously to our understanding of the biology of breast cancer, resulting in better ways to diagnose and treat this debilitating disease. These contributions are recognized by the ESHG committee as major breakthroughs in the field of human genetics.”

Carlos will be giving the ESHG Award Lecture at the ESHG 2021 Virtual Conference on Tuesday 31 August at 16:30 CEST. In an interview available at the ESHG website, Carlos explained that he would be talking on the subject of breast cancer as a constellation of distinct genomic entities with prototypical tumour microenvironments and ‘how these different tumour ecosystems evolve and are shaped by both therapy and the immune response.’

The EACR congratulates Carlos on this recognition for his important contributions to breast cancer research and treatment.