Share your ideas and experiences in the EACR’s online magazine, The Cancer Researcher

When many countries went into lockdown due to COVID-19, the cancer research community adapted. People left their offices and labs and moved to the “new normal” of working from home, interacting with colleagues over the phone or computer screens. In March 2020 we asked EACR members to send in articles about their experiences of performing cancer research during the initial coronavirus outbreak and how they adapted to working from home. You can read those articles here.

Many workplaces have tentatively started to return to their labs or offices, with hygiene and social distancing measures in place.

We’re now interested in people’s experiences of returning to some form of normality with work, such as the transition back to the lab. We’d like to help share ideas and practices as we continue to navigate through these uncertain circumstances. Therefore, we are inviting EACR members to contribute blog posts, like we did in March.

For example, you could write about the following:

  • Adjusting to returning to the lab/office: Have you started to return to the lab after spending several months at home? What safety and hygiene measures are in place? Is there a staggered rota in place? How do meetings work? How does it feel to be back in the workplace?
  • Experiments: Did you originally have to abandon your experiments or freeze cell lines? Have you restarted your experiments? Have you had to relearn anything or change the way you work?
  • Mental health & work/life balance: How have you preserved your mental health? How do you feel about returning to the work place? Do you have any concerns? Are you a parent, and if so, how are you balancing work with childcare?
  • Recommendations and resources: Do you have any tips or advice that has helped you to readjust? How do you switch off? What resources have you found beneficial?
No time to write an article? Please send any articles you have found beneficial, as well as any other resources that you would recommend!


When you write for The Cancer Researcher, these guidelines are what we believe make the ideal article/blog:

  • Ideally an article will be 450-750 words in length
  • Include your name, job title, institute/affiliation, and a short 50-75 word summary about yourself and your research
  • We welcome articles written jointly by several lab members
  • You’re more than welcome to submit something you’ve already posted elsewhere as long as it’s acknowledged
  • Please send your article as a Microsoft Word file
  • Please add up to 3 or 4 high quality photographs (GIFs are also welcome) – including a photo of yourself! (Send separately from the Word file and make sure they comply with copyright)
  • Provide links to your social media so people can interact with you about your article
  • Put your personality into it – we love it when people’s passion shows in their writing

Please submit your articles to