by Joanne Tiphania Kotelawala

A bright new morn
Don’t start the day with a yawn
There we stand fuelled by coffee
And hoping to work on that coat of buffy

So many plans
I feel so glam
My planner’s out
Even all the squares are filled out

Its going to be a productive day
A day where research leads the way
Hop skip and jump
Today is the day
Finish my work I will, hey!

Get to the lab
And soon I find
I forgot to book the machines last night
The start of the day is not too rad
I better get out my writing pad

More dilutions will be needed
Oops I forgot the solutions are depleted
Back to the basics
This time it will be completed

Run run
I still have that plan to gun
Solutions all completed
These should last me my entire research period

Get out my autoclaved water
Find there is a queer floating fiber
A contamination I cannot risk
There it goes all in the sink

Back to the basics
This time it will be completed
I am sure by the end of the day I can ace it
No more of these errors repeated

Look back and turn around
The sun has nearly completed its round
If I hurry I can stick to my plan
So then began my master plan

Looked at my planner
And all I can see
Is a list of tasks
Too ominous for me

Laid the ground work I have
It’s time for me to cave
I’ll forward today’s plan
So tomorrow it’s a new dawn

It’s the end of the day
I feel so tired
This can’t be the way
I did nothing to be wired

Tomorrow is a brand new day
Conquer that research
Tomorrow I will pray
In the meantime let’s get some rest
For tomorrow I will do my best

About the author

Joanne Tiphania Kotelawala is a second year PhD candidate at the Institute of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the University of Colombo in Sri Lanka. Her doctoral research is on biomarker identification in breast cancer. Her areas of research interest include cancer genetics and epigenetics. Joanne is passionate about science communication and is an avid writer.

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