My Ph.D. adviser fired me. Here’s how I moved on

By Anurag Srivastava My Ph.D. adviser called me into his office, saying I needn’t bring my notebook. Puzzled, I followed him and sat down. We’d met...

VIDEO: Nitzan Rosenfeld gives the Pezcoller Foundation – EACR Cancer Researcher Award Lecture

At the EACR Virtual Congress in June Dr. Nitzan Rosenfeld gave his keynote lecture as the winner of the 2020 Pezcoller Foundation – EACR...


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Vinodh Kumar

Virtual Defence is the Best Attack 2021: A Participant’s View

In February 2021, we held a 2-day virtual conference on the the topic of Immuno-Oncology. If you woud like to know more about the meeting, you can read the Virtual Defence is the Best...

EACR Annual Member Survey Results

Our Annual Member survey was sent in January 2021 and we received 935 responses. We read every single comment and review them in the staff team and with the EACR Board. This report covers...

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The EACR’s Top 10 Cancer Research Publications: April 2019

The EACR's Top 10 Cancer Research Publications is a regular summary of the most interesting and impactful recent papers in cancer research. It is...


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