‘Science in Motion: Navigating Transitions’ – Winner of the 2023 EACR Science Communication Prize

This summer, we invited cancer researchers at all levels to write a blog post for the third EACR Science Communication Prize around the theme...

Highlights in Cancer Research: August 2023

The EACR's 'Highlights in Cancer Research' is a regular summary of the most interesting and impactful recent papers in cancer research, curated by the...


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Our Travel Grant Winners at Goodbye Flat Biology 2023

We met in Berlin, Germany for our sold-out conference 'Goodbye Flat Biology: Next Generation Cancer Models' in October 2023. The event was praised for its high scientific quality, excellent networking opportunities and beautiful location...

The Dance of Discovery: A Scientist’s Journey Through Clinical and Pre-Clinical Frontiers

The journey of a scientist is often defined by the transitions they make, and mine has been no exception. In the world of research, transitions are not just scientific leaps; they are personal odysseys...

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