To celebrate the upcoming launch of The Cancer Researcher Podcast, created by the European Association for Cancer Research, we’re publishing a short series of articles all about podcasts. Do you have a favourite podcast you think other cancer researchers might enjoy? Tell us about it, and we could include it.

Who doesn’t love a podcast? They’re a brilliant way to reduce our screentime while still remaining up-to-date on the things we care about, and there really is a podcast for everything.

We’ve gathered together a list of 5 podcasts about pursuing a career in science and research. From bite-sized episodes to lengthier interviews, you are sure to get the information and motivation you’re looking for.

1Working Scientist

Created by Nature Careers, this podcast features advice and information from global industry experts with a focus on supporting early career researchers working in academia and other sectors. Favourite episodes of ours include “Key questions to ask when you’re moving lab” and “How female researchers are breaking up the boys’ club“.

>> Go to the Working Scientist podcast

2Cheeky Scientist

Hosted by Isaiah Hankel, the Cheeky Scientist podcast is dedicated to helping PhDs transition into their first or next industry position. Expect to hear valuable insights from industry experts on how PhDs can avoid career failure and job rejections, and instead get recruited into top industry jobs.

>> Go to the Cheeky Scientist podcast

3What are YOU going to do with THAT?

Hosted by Danni Reches, a PhD candidate at the University of Haifa, you’ll hear interviews with young researchers about their success stories and the obstacles they’ve overcome along the way. And everything is over a glass of Amaretto, because why not?

>> Go to the What are YOU going to do with THAT? podcast

4Exploring Research Careers

While no longer a regularly updated podcast, the modest back catalogue of 13 episodes makes Exploring Research Careers a worthwhile addition to your podcast library. Aimed at those interested in research careers, it explores the career trajectories of people actively working as researchers.

>> Go to the Exploring Research Careers podcast

5The SciComm Toolkit

Ideal for researchers looking for all the tools they need to communicate their science with confidence. The host, Soph Talks Science, centres her show around her mission of helping you “bring science stories to life”, sharing her insights as well as those from other expers in science communication.

>> Go to the SciComm Toolkit podcast

6Everything Hertz

Hosted by two former PhD buddies now living at opposite ends of the globe, Dan Quintana and James Heathers call Everything Hertz “a podcast by scientists, for scientists”. Expect to hear tales of methodology and scientific life, as well as plenty of swearing.

>> Go to the Everything Hertz podcast

7Science Communication Accelerator

This podcast aims to empower scientists, universities, and research organisations to share more science on social media. You will hear from experts in the field of social media and science communication, including Emilia Miller from Emilia Loves Science and Justin Cottle at the Institute of Human Anatomy.

>> Go to the Science Communication Accelerator podcast

8Early Career Development

From the Society for Scholarly Publishing, Early Career Development offers insights into how early career publishing professionals can add to their skillsets, build their networks and take advantage of opportunities. Expect to hear interviews with experienced professionals on how to navigate a career in scholarly communications.

>> Go to the Early Career Development podcast

9The Lonely Pipette

You’ll hear from scientists and researchers around the world, who will share tips and insights to help you do better science in your research career. The hosts, Renaud Pourpre and Jonathan Weitzman, interview some of the most inspiring people in science today to find out their habits for success. Recent topics include the benefits of going to conferences, and how to get good at failing.

>> Go to the Lonely Pipette podcast


Exploring the bridge between industry and academia, Macademia follows the career paths of researchers who are in academia or outside of it, and professionals that made their choice between the two. Currently sitting at 51 episodes in January 2023, with episode topics ranging from multi-disciplinary curiosity to policy-making.

>> Go to the Macademia podcast

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