To celebrate the upcoming launch of The Cancer Researcher Podcast, created by the European Association for Cancer Research, we’re publishing a short series of articles all about our favourite podcasts. Do you have a favourite podcast you think other cancer researchers might enjoy? Tell us about it, and we could include it.

Science podcasts are increasing in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. They do a brilliant job of cutting straight to the most interesting and insightful bits, keeping us up-to-date with recent developments and teaching us things we’d perhaps never otherwise know.

Whether you’re out for a run or unwinding after a long day in the lab, we’ve shortlisted our 6 favourite podcasts to send your mind wandering into the weird and wonderful world of popular science. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get an idea to spark your own research breakthrough!

1The Nature Podcast

Highlighting the most exciting research from their journal, the Nature podcast is a very accessible and informative way to hear about the latest developments in science. Their episode on the Science Highlights of 2022 is a great place to start.

>> Go to the Nature podcast

2Science Friday

Calling themselves “the trusted source for news about science, technology, and other cool stuff”, the folks at Science Friday also host two other podcasts. Science Diction is for you if you’re into etymology, while Undiscovered dives into the mistakes made throughout the years that led to accidental big breaks in science.

>> Go to the Science Friday, Science Diction and Undiscovered podcasts

3The Life Scientific

Professor Jim Al-Khalili dedicates each episode to an interview with a leading scientist about what inspires them in life and how they view the impact of their work. Closing in on almost 300 episodes to date, it really is a treasure trove of stories to feast your ears (and brain) on.

>> Go to the Life Scientific podcast

4The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

Expect conversations about critical thinking, bad science, and the latest (and strangest) conspiracies and controversies around the world. With most episodes lasting at least 90 minutes, The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe isn’t exactly bite-sized, but the thought-provoking topics easily capture and keep your attention.

>> Go to the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast

5The Infinite Monkey Cage

Professor Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince invite us to share in their irreverent look at the world, bringing humour to their musings on the greatest questions in science, from hunting for elusive planets outside our solar system to exploring whether ageing can be cured.

>> Go to the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast

6The Naked Scientists

Hosted by Chris Smith, this weekly show is praised for its entertaining and accessible delivery. Expect discussions on a huge variety of scientific topics, including interviews with top scientists and the latest science news.

>> Go to the Naked Scientists podcast

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