4th EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics: “An outstanding cancer genomics conference!”

Cancer Genomics 2019

250 participants from 41 countries met at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK from 23-26 June 2019 for the 4th EACR Conference on Cancer Genomics.

Cancer Genomics 2019 was very popular, with the greatest number of abstracts ever presented at a meeting in the EACR Conferences. It also saw great interactions on Twitter, and you can scroll down to see some of our favourite #CanGen19 tweets.

Feedback from participants:

We received many comments regarding the intimacy of the relatively small size and how it was perfect to network and foster inspiring discussions about science. Participants were very happy with the opportunities for networking and interaction, with a 98% satisfaction rating for this element of the conference. 99% of participants agreed there was enough time for discussion and questions within the scientific sessions.

Cancer Genomics 2019
Poster Discussion Session

“The conference is a good size, with a good breadth of ‘hot’ topics discussed, and a variety of experts (ranging from junior to senior) to foster potential collaborations.”

“The lectures of this conference are conducted by top researches on the genomic field, they presented some state of art technologies and out of box ideas! I really liked that the small number of participants allowed us to have a lot of interaction with young researchers of the most prestigious institutions, many of them initiating as principal investigators, which could give us a lot of future opportunities!”

Cancer Genomics 2019
The Discussion Forum with Jennifer Wargo, Carlos Caldas and Charles Swanton

“[The conference] was very well organized and focused. The scientific level of the speakers and participants was really high. The size of the conference is optimal for networking with other scientist.”

“Very relevant to my research field and you can find the cutting-edge and pre-publication advancements in Cancer Genomics research.”

“I had a great opportunity to collaborate with a variety of researchers and Bio Tech companies. I think the conference was very welcoming, and the topics were close to my field of interest”

Meeting Bursary Awards:

We were delighted to offer six EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Bursary Awards to assist early-career members to attend the first edition of this conference. Our congratulations go to:

Cancer Genomics
Meeting Bursary Winners (from L to R): Andrés Lanzós, Chris Jenske de Witte, Adi Nagler, Marco Silvestri, Christina Stangl and Abel Sousa.
  • Chris Jenske de Witte UMC Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Andrés Lanzós University of Bern, Switzerland
  • Adi Nagler Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • Marco Silvestri IRCCS, Italy
  • Abel Sousa IPATIMUP, Portugal
  • Christina Stangl UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

We would like to extend our gratitude to Worldwide Cancer Research for contributing to the bursaries to allow early-career researchers to attend.

Poster Prize Winners:

In addition, we would like to send a big congratulations to our four Poster Prize winners. Two of these prizes were provided by the EACR and two were provided by The FEBS Journal. These prizes were awarded because of the posters’ scientific content and layout as well as their verbal discussion with the poster judges.

Cancer Genomics 2019
The EACR and FEBS Journal Poster Prize winners (from left to right): Laura Quevedo, Markus Lindberg, Arne van Hoeck & Quentin Bayard
EACR Poster Prize Winners:
  • Markus Lindberg University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Arne van Hoeck UMC Utrecht, Netherlands
The FEBS Journal Poster Prize Winners:
  • Quentin Bayard INSERM, France
  • Laura Quevedo Universidad de Cantabria, Spain


In addition, as with every EACR conference, we created a hashtag to be used on social media to promote discussion about the conference: #CanGen19. It proved to be a very popular hashtag, with some great content!

Here are some of our favourites:




Facebook gallery:

A gallery of images from the conference is available on the EACR official Facebook page, which can be found here.


The Scientific Programme Committee consisted of four EACR members:

  • Carlos Caldas CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK (Chair)
  • James Brenton CRUK Cambridge Institute, UK
  • Yardena Samuels Weizmann Institute, Israel
  • Elaine Mardis Ohio State University of Medicine, USA

Future announcements:

Finally, be on the lookout for an announcement regarding the fifth edition of Cancer Genomics!