CRUK Grand Challenge 2018

Eight new Grand Challenges were set and multidisciplinary teams from across the world were invited to suggest bold, novel approaches to tackle them.

After receiving 134 applications from across 41 countries, the CRUK panel have shortlisted 10 multidisciplinary, international teams, and we are proud to say that 3 of the teams are led by EACR members.

The teams will now use £30,000 seed funding to work up their applications for interview later this year.

The shortlisted EACR members projects:

1Uncovering how obesity causes cancer

Led by Dr Meritxell Huch (EACR member): Dr Huch’s team want to investigate what’s happening inside our cells when they are exposed to too much fat, and how that can lead to cancer.

2Eradicating tumours with personalised cancer vaccines

Led by Professor Lindy Durrant (EACR member): Professor Durrant’s team want to build vaccine templates for how to treat different cancers, with the hope that eventually cancer patients will be offered a vaccine that is specifically designed for their unique tumour.

3Working smarter, not harder: improving treatment combinations

Led by Professor Jean-Pascal Machiels and Dr Anthony Kong (EACR member): Professor Jean-Pascal Machiels and Dr Anthony Kong’s team want to use artificial intelligence and computer modelling to determine the optimum treatment combination for each individual patient, transforming outcomes on a global scale.

Other shortlisted projects:

Unravelling how chronic inflammation causes cancer. Lead: Professor Rong Li

A new way to tackle inflammation-associated cancer. Lead: Professor Thea Tlsty

Looking out for cancer. Lead: Dr Trevor Esward and Professor Sara Faithfull

Mining medical records for early signs of cancer. Lead: Professor Henk van Weert

Eliminating sleeping cancer cells. Lead: Professor Peter Croucher

Dissecting the tissue specificity of cancer drivers. Lead: Professor Stephen Elledge

Bugs, guts & cells: beating gastrointestinal cancer. Lead: Professor Matthew Meyerson

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