24 September is World Cancer Research Day

World Cancer Research Day

We are proud to be a partner in World Cancer Research Day, held on 24 September each year. World Cancer Research Day highlights the importance of research in saving lives every single day, by understanding and finding new treatments for cancer.

What is World Cancer Research Day?

We know that cancer research never stops; every single day of the year researchers are working to unravel the mysteries of cancer and find news ways to prevent and fight it. World Cancer Research Day aims to draw attention to the groundbreaking work done by researchers and the need for sustained support for research.

Why does it matter?

By 2030 cancer could be the leading cause of death worldwide with 13 million potential cancer related deaths, nearly a 60% increase from 2014 with a further 21.7 million new cancer cases each year. This means that in 2030 someone will die of cancer almost every two seconds and someone will be diagnosed with cancer every 1.5 seconds.

What can I do to support World Cancer Research Day?

Anyone, researcher or not, can sign the World Declaration for Research on Cancer to join efforts to promote research in order to reduce the number of new cancer cases and improve survival rates and quality of life among cancer patients.

We also encourage you to share the declaration and news about  on social media.