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37 Research Groups Awarded ERC Synergy Grants

The European Research Council awarded grants to a total of 37 research groups in 2019, worth €363 million which "will enable groups of two...
Seed and Soil 2019

Seed and Soil 2019: “An amazing meeting with high quality speakers”

Participants from 36 countries from as far as Brazil, Australia, Malaysia and South Korea gathered in Berlin, Germany for the 2nd joint EACR-MRS Conference...
Nanotechnology in Cancer

Nanotechnology in Cancer 2019: “A wonderful platform to learn”

99 participants from 25 countries attended the EACR Conference on Nanotechnology in Cancer: Engineering for Oncology, at Churchill College, Cambridge, UK from 12-14 September...
Gender Equality

670 and Counting: the Scientist Tackling Gender Bias on Wikipedia

According to the Women in Red, "a gender-gap bridging project on Wikipedia", there are 1.5 million English biographies on Wikipedia. Less than 20% of...

News Summary: Elephant zombie gene, Thalidomide mechanism revealed

'Zombie gene' protects elephants from cancer A newly described gene that was resurrected in elephants 59 million years ago, LIF6, may take part in protecting...
research ethics

News Summary: ethical reporting of research, indexing preprints, rare cancers

Does a 'publish or perish' ethos affect the ethical reporting of research? Several publications in recent years have suggested that published scientific findings can be...

News Summary: CancerSEEK blood test, immune system vs. CRISPR

CancerSEEK blood test detects 8 common cancers A team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University have trialled a blood test, CancerSEEK, that could identify non-metastastic cancers in the...

News Summary: 2018 predictions, reovirus immunotherapy, alcohol and cancer

Experts Forecast Cancer Research and Treatment Advances in 2018 The AACR asked experts in the fields of immunotherapy, precision medicine, and prevention and disparities research where...

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