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37 Research Groups Awarded ERC Synergy Grants

The European Research Council awarded grants to a total of 37 research groups in 2019, worth €363 million which "will enable groups of two...

“Sorry, my keyboard doesn’t have a key for the figure in...

by Venu Thatikonda I generate a number of beautiful figures in a day and look at them like a mother looks at her newborn baby. Every...
Accelerator Award

£30 million funding collaboration by leading European cancer charities

‘Team science’ across Europe gets £30 million support Accelerator Award: Key information Open to: Senior researchers at centres in the UK, Italy and Spain Research area: Translational research Next deadline: 10 January...
Vincenzo Costanzo

New EACR Board member: Vincenzo Costanzo

We are very pleased to welcome four new members to the EACR Board: Arkaitz Carracedo, Vincenzo Costanzo, Ruth Palmer and Andreas Trumpp, who were elected...

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