How the CRUK Manchester Institute at the University of Manchester are supporting the UK...

EACR President Elect Caroline Dive writes about her institute's work towards the United Kingdom's efforts with testing for SARS-CoV-2. As COVID-19 disease in the UK...

The F-word, or how to fight fires in the research literature

At home, I am constantly fighting the F-word. Channelling my mother, I find myself saying things like ‘don’t use that word’, ‘not here’, ‘not...


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Maria Clara Liuzzi

The perks of being at home – how to look at the glass half...

For sure, this will be a year to remember for all of us: a 2020 characterised by the harsh reality of the Covid-19 pandemic, an epidemic that is taking the World, Country after Country,...

Call for articles: Returning to the Lab

Share your ideas and experiences in the EACR’s online magazine, The Cancer Researcher When many countries went into lockdown due to COVID-19, the cancer research community adapted. People left their offices and labs and moved...

European Association for Cancer Research

The Cancer Researcher is an online magazine for the cancer research community from the European Association for Cancer Research.


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The EACR’s Top 10 Cancer Research Publications: April 2019

The EACR's Top 10 Cancer Research Publications is a regular summary of the most interesting and impactful recent papers in cancer research. It is...