Samantha Terry

Life in the Lab – Life IS the Lab

by Samantha Terry I am a new-ish lecturer with a small group of just one postdoc. Together we’re studying the use of radioactivity to image and...

Feeling demotivated? Listen to our Friday Playlist

After a month of staying late in the lab, your experiment failed? Nature declined to publish your paper (again)? You were denied funding for...


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Eelco Lens EACR Travel Fellowship

“We hope to start a long-lasting collaboration” – Eelco Lens

EACR-Worldwide Cancer Research Travel Fellowships provide funds up to €3,000 to early-career cancer researchers. For more information on how to apply for Travel Fellowships, you can visit the EACR website. Name: Eelco Lens Home Institution: Delft University of...
5-minute incubations

10 ways to keep busy during 5-minute incubations

by Cora Olpe Today I would like to discuss one of the wet lab scientist’s biggest mental challenges: The 5-minute incubation. Often encountered during immunohistochemistry or western blotting techniques, those incredibly awkward few minutes cannot be...

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